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Lately, it feels like your business runs you…

Maybe you let a deadline slip, or missed an edit on a report.

You been wondering why you didn’t get paid from your last client only to discover you never sent them an invoice.

Or you feel like a hamster on a wheel just trying to get on top of your work.

Whatever it is, you’ve out grown the system you built around your work (or the system that built itself as you grew).

You know you need to get organized and get your act together, but when do you have time to figure out what that means??

Book a 15 Min Fit Call

This is where I come in.

I’m Noelle Anderson, Your Girl In The Chair, a super-friendly blerd (that’s Black Nerd for the uninitiated) with an endless passion for automation.

If I do something more than twice, I’m going to find a way to make a computer do it instead.

I design systems, tools and resources for business owners to help them stop being run by their business. I’m here to make tech your friend and tame your business chaos!

My Process

I am a firm believer in the power of automation, but it only works if you enjoy using it.

So I have a collaborative process that lets me learn exactly what you need, how you work, and the most pain-free way to reach your goals.

Fit Call

This is a quick 15-20 minute chat where we see are a good fit to work together.

We’ll discuss the specifics of what you’re looking to improve, and I’ll provide an overview of my approach and expertise.

Chaos to Calm Roadmap

We’ll start our collaboration with a 90-minute interview, where we will explore all of your current workflows, pain points, and dream process scenarios.


After our meeting, I’ll give you a clear roadmap of what I think your next and quickest wins are in your process journey.

With your roadmap in hand, you can take it and run with it or you can hire me to implement it with you.

Book a 15 Min Fit Call

 I really appreciate Noelle’s attention to detail and her willingness to always find a solution to any problem thrown at her. She does better work than most large corporate names and is able to break down her process for anyone to understand. She is truly an expert in her field.

Tasha Lomo

Community Engagement Manager

Zora’s House

Before Noelle’s help, it often felt like I was trying to catch raindrops with my hands but these databases have made my job significantly easier. My current programs are running seamlessly and I am saving a noticeable amount of time managing them.

Ash Davis

Community Relations Coordinator

Shadowbox Live

As a freelance artist with ZERO coding experience, Noelle’s services were a godsend! I highly recommend taking full advantage of her service, if your story is anything like mine, you won’t regret it!

Zach Tarantelli


ZachTar Created

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